If severe weather is predicted, it is advisable to call in advance of departure for possible scheduling changes: 508.992.0200

Call in advance if severe weather is predicted: 508.992.0200


Masked and in Zoom mode!

Alrighty folks!

A new season brings hopes of an active summer for all!
We hope all of you are healthy and safe, we are in it with you and feel the difficulties faced by all. As the world wakes up, we are counting on a much better year than last!

Our plan is to keep the crew small again this year, run efficiently and provide the usual great service. There are still uncertainties about opening the galley, we just cannot comply with the regulations yet, so we will have to follow whatever current Covid Rules pertain to us, but we will provide more as soon as we are able!

It has been so wonderful that, during these difficult times, that we had the thoughtful and sensitive support of everyone coming out to Cuttyhunk on our ferry. Unlike other ferries, we have had no people question the need for masks, distancing, and general personal respect for others. All of us appreciate your understanding and willingness to help, it is such a reflection on the Cuttyhunk Spirit and is why we love what we do. We are continuing our same Covid safety protocols this season for the health and happiness for all.

We are again thrilled to have Jonathan stay on as senior deckhand for yet another year, he is such a dependable, skilled, and friendly guy. Another familiar face will be Capt. Chuck Fontaine for another year as a second captain and as a deckhand as needed, he is a great guy and has years of experience. These guys are instrumental in keeping a smooth flow of people and freight delivered, running the cranes, maintaining the vessel, and training new hires in safety and procedures. They are the reason we were able to launch a week ahead of schedule during our haulout. Again, we will also be getting an intern from Northeast Maritime; they are able to accrue sea time and continue their education for a career in boats. As always, we will get Summer help as schools let out and our schedule increases. By the way, we are looking for a part time person on island to handle ticketing and customer service so if you know someone, let us know!

Jonathan and Chuck painting bottom haulout 2021

Covid19: Masks required inside and out including loading areas at the docks.

New changes:  as of now we are running 4 days a week until May 27th fortunately, JP runs his vital water taxi service, we are always grateful to his dependability and friendship. Cuttyhunk has a limited passenger base yet it takes both of us to cover the island’s needs year-round and in all weather.

Note: We are limiting the passenger count to 75 or until State Regulations change.

Reservations are required for any travel, available from our online system, this is because we need to know how many we have each morning and to process payments and get in touch in case of changes. In addition, currently, you can purchase parking (see note below) and luggage on the system. We ask everyone to wear masks aboard the ferry, we will not have the galley open, and the office staffing is being to a minimum.

PARKING: While we can currently offer reserved parking, it becomes really complicated to accommodate reserved parking when the travel numbers increase. We just run out of space during the busy parts of the Summer, and it is all but certain that we will go back to a first come service, with no reserving spots. All our monthly spaces have already been filled so we wont be able to add any more.

This is such an unusual and unpredictable time for everyone and we are evaluating everything weekly. As we are a small company, we struggle to provide as much to all as we can. It remains vital to our long-term sustainability that we are as efficient and streamlined as we can be, our continued high level of service bears that out. As always, we remain committed to everyone’s safety and happiness and will continue to keep our service topnotch.

This ferry thing is what we do, therefore we invest in Cuttyhunk for the long term, we are here and committed as we remain your humble Ferry Company.
Stay safe, happy, and healthy,

Sue, Jono, and Henry

Rates:  Adult Tickets are $35 each way, same day round trip is $52 Childs Tickets are $28 each way, same day round trip is $40, Child is 12 and under
Luggage is 4$ per tote up to 40lbs, up to 70lbs 6$, each direction.

Daily Parking: on the pier is $15per day, that fee may have to change but as of now, all good.

Parking permits are required, available at Cuttyhunk Ferry Company office. Strict enforcement on State Pier includes towing and fines. Parking is on a first come first served basis and unfortunately cannot be reserved. Please arrive with enough time to deal with parking as we leave ON TIME! 

Monthly Parking: April, May and June $225 per month, July and August $275 per month, September and October $225 per month. We have limited number of monthly passes available on a first come first serve basis, if you want a monthly pass, you need to email (please no phone calls) Sue(sue@cuttyhunkferryco.com) and clearly state which months you want a monthly pass for, REMEMBER FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!! Monthly passes will require a car key (must be a spare not your regular keys) left with us. Parking permits are required, Strict enforcement on State Pier includes towing and fines. Fees are subject to change.

We strongly recommend that you contact the city parking division concerning the Elm Street Garage and the Whales Tooth Parking Lot. They offer long term parking at a greatly reduced price and offer very convenient shuttles direct to the pier.

Once again, we will be offering bulk luggage tickets, notice that 50 tickets can be purchased for $150. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this offer.

Please note that we cannot be responsible for damage or loss to poorly packaged, unlabeled luggage and freight! We travel 14 miles across often stormy seas so pack right, know how many you have before you arrive AND PUT YOUR NAME ON THEM!! Totes are always the best bet. 


U.S. Coast Guard regulations prevent us from carrying containers holding gasoline, propane or other flammables on any of our scheduled runs without special provisions unless we have 25 passengers or less.

This includes the gasoline contained in lawn mowers, weed whackers, chainsaws etc., and previously used empty containers gas powered equipment must be run dry before arriving at the dock. 

One Carry-on piece of luggage per person: reasonably sized items attended by a passenger and carried on and off. One carry on item per person is allowed at no charge, all other items must be checked as luggage. Carry-ons may be subject to checking as luggage at the discretion of the crew. 

Phone numbers:

Sue- Reservations, tickets, schedule:
Main number 508-992-0200 Cell/text 401-354-9303

Jono- Freight, charters, boat questions
Cell/text- 401-965-3480 Please, text or email, no voice messages.

Sue’s email: sue@cuttyhunkferryco.com
Jono’s email: jono@cuttyhunkferryco.com